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Telecoms Solutions

Communication in business is critical as is the need for intelligent network design and innovative cost-effective commercial telecoms solutions that are easy to use. Xeotech can provide your business with cost-efficient enterprise telecoms solutions from combined internet and phone networks (SIP trucks) and LAN, to advanced infrastructure that sits behind your telecoms systems to deliver media rich content and revenue generating systems such as pre-paid internet or calling card platforms.

Reduce Business Costs With
Our SIP Trunk Service

Most companies have a separate telecoms and internet provider and therefore pay two separate bills.  By migrating your systems to SIP trucks you can reduce the costs of having two providers by amalgamating these two services. SIP trunks enable you to build a solid infrastructure without having to subscribe to both voice and data services.  SIP trunks are not only easily scalable solutions but they also reduce the costs of calls, both locally and internationally.

Other benefits of our SIP Trunk service

Appear to be local

Many companies subscribe to free call numbers or national phone numbers in order to appear local or global. With our SIP trunk service, you can offer local area numbers where necessary. These calls can be routed, over the internet as required to the most relevant department, in any country.  We can offer this for international calls as well.  This is a much more cost-effective solution than a traditional phone service.

Scalable solutions

Our SIP trunk services do not require phone sockets as it runs over the internet. You can therefore scale up quickly, you just need to increase your bandwidth.

Integrated communications systems

With our SIP trunk service, all your calls, video conferencing, internal messaging system and internet sits under one roof so working from home, travelling for business and staying connected wherever your employees are is straightforward.

Always on

If your network does down for any reason, our SIP trunk service can re-route calls to mobile phones so your organisation is always on.

Stay Connected With
Our Wireless Networks Solutions

Stay connected wherever you are, wirelessly.  From office set ups to airports, Xeotech can provide an extensive range of wireless network services from consulting and building out the project scope to vendor selection and deployment. Our team has over 20 years of experience in delivering innovative wireless network solutions.

Full-service communication solutions

We have extensive experience in a vast range of telecoms solutions including: