Data & Solutions Architecture

Data architecture is comprised of rules, models, policies and standards that dictate what data is collected, how it is stored and how it is integrated into the rest of the technology your business uses.  At Xeotech, we believe in taking a methodical approach to finding the right solution for your business. Our approach to data architecture ensures that we build and end to end solution that meets the demands of all parts of your business so we can implement an solution that encompasses your businesses needs for the medium and long term.

Prior to the development process, a data solutions architect will build a technical blueprint for where and how your data is stored, integrated and managed. With our expertise by your side, we will work to identify the right solution.  One of our expert data solutions architects will define a clear roadmap for data management standards, processes and procedures to ensure your business is secure, scalable and future-proofed. Throughout our process, our solution architect will ensure that you have a clear indication of the technical vision.

The goal is turn data into information, and information into insight.

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Clearly Understanding Your Requirements

Our data solution architects have that perfect balance of business and technical skills that helps to support the design of your data architecture. We will take control of actively identifying your challenges and needs before seeking the answers that you require.

Big decisions lead to big results and that’s where we position ourselves as a specialist solution architect for the finance and telecoms sectors. We will place a focus on how our data architecture solution will fit seamlessly within your business to solve the challenges you face and then we create a clear plan of how your solution will work. As we design and develop bespoke strategy, we will create a road map of how our implementation will impact your business giving you trust in the accuracy of your data so you can feel empowered to make the right decisions, quickly. We will manage the technical roll-out of our strategy including data architecture, any automated integrations, data quality and data warehousing.

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Identifying Solution Attributes and Characteristics

Acknowledging that a solution is required is one part of the process but there is more to take care of. We ensure that we gain a clear understanding of the features your system will require and we create detailed specifications that align with the defined solution as well as how it is managed and delivered. We assess your corporate environment to ensure that your existing systems will work seamlessly with the data architecture we deliver. To get to this stage, our solution architect will understand all parts of your business model and this will include processes, application architectures and operating systems. Through understanding these processes, they can then plan out a solution that perfectly fits your environment and your needs. 

Our aim is to help you streamline your processes, enhance efficiency, productivity and transparency and we make that possible with a bespoke solution. We believe that too many businesses are spending too much time on processes that involve retrieving data from too many systems, all of which can lead to a range of challenges which slow the growth potential of your business. 

We communicate openly and honestly with our clients, ensuring they are made aware of how we are progressing with every element of the process. It’s about getting to know your business from top to bottom and then working to implement a solution that gives you the highest possible return. Whether you want to ensure you remain compliant by improving the accuracy of your data, or you want to integrate systems in order to get greater insights to fuel your decision making, we are confident that we make this a reality. Our solutions are flexible, bespoke and designed to have an impact that will change how you operate.