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How Enterprise Data Management Can Help Your Business

Data sits at the core of everything that your business does and every decision you make. However, that data can sit in many different areas of your business in different formats and in different systems – this can make it challenging to access insights and get accurate cross-system reports.

That’s where enterprise data management can give you essential insights into your business.

At Xeotech, our big data integration services are designed to support your business and streamline the way in which you access your data.

With our enterprise data management solutions, we can help your business to work smarter by giving you the scope to retrieve, use, store and share data. Accessing accurate data is crucial and this is where we can help to transform your business and the way in which it operates.

Every company has big data in its future and every company will eventually be in the data business.

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The Benefits of Enterprise Data Management

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A Turnkey Solution That Helps You Remain Focused

Enterprise data management is an integral part of running a modern business. As the amount of data you hold continues to grow, it’s important that you remain organised. We can assist by building a tailored enterprise master data management system that fits around the needs of your business. Our team of experts can create a centralised enterprise data warehouse that neatly manages and organises all of the data you use. 

We work to identify your specific needs before creating a solution that delivers impressive results so you can make important financial decisions quickly. Our ability to work with you from the consultation phase through to implementation ensures you have the right reports and dashboards for all your business needs. 

All of your data will be easily accessible organisation-wide and displayed in a smart dashboard that makes it simple to understand and manage. Your business needs the ability to make quick, informed decisions and having your data readily available makes it possible to do that. Furthermore, you can save time when collating data for the submission of regulatory reports to governing bodies. Every element of our solution is designed to support your business and your employees. With organised data comes enhanced productivity and reduced costs, both of which can help your business to grow faster so you can get ahead of your competitors.

We recognise the importance of data governance, data integration, master data management and data security. As a result, our solutions are designed to incorporate these elements end to end to provide you with accurate reporting tools so your business can make the right decisions.

Our solution is designed to manage and resolve a range of process exceptions, helping to deliver better accuracy and precision. We understand the impact that errors can have on your business, especially when it comes to handling data from multiple sources. However, we help your business to overcome this issue by using the 4 eye principles. As a result, all data is checked and reviewed to ensure accuracy is maximised. This will enable you to have complete confidence in everything you do and the way in which you harness the power of our solution.

Incorrect data could have serious implications for your business but we want to mitigate these issues by ensuring every decision you make is backed with the right data. Therefore, our solution works seamlessly with data from multiple sources, ensuring everything is collated in a way that works for you.

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A Complete Solution That Handles Exception Management

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Reporting That Informs

Accessing data is one thing but using that data is another. We provide users with the power to access reporting that is derived from multiple sources. This provides accurate, real-time data that can drive decisions and empower your business to do much more. Our solution ensures that reports clearly detail your data in a way that is meaningful and useful. We don’t overcomplicate things, we streamline processes, ensuring you do things the right way so you can get the best results.

Of course, monitoring data is another key element of ensuring every decision you make is the right one. We provide you with the ability to monitor data feeds, giving you the opportunity to actively view your data in real-time. You can get a clear overview of your business in a matter of seconds because we provide you with the capabilities to do more on a business-wide level.

From reporting to exception management, all of this is made possible through a simplified user interface that is intuitive to use. We understand that our solution has to be suitable for all users so we create a user interface that is easy to use so employees can familiarise themselves with it rapidly. Essentially, we have a complete solution that can empower your business and your people to do more.

What makes our enterprise data solutions stand out is its ability to work flexibly for your business. We can create a solution that fits your needs perfectly. If your business relies on 3rd party EDM solutions, we can integrate them into your bespoke solution. This makes it possible for you to continue using the systems and solutions that work for you while benefiting from all that we offer. Furthermore, we also have the scope to build a fully customised solution while still enabling you to process both structured and unstructured data.

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Enterprise Data Solutions That Fits Your Business Needs

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On-Demand Data That Keeps You Informed

We understand that data comes in many different formats but our solution is designed to simplify your data into one manageable feed. Through creating a centralised platform, we give you the ability to feed your data into one manageable solution, making it easier to see how your business is performing. Our team of system architects will design and build a bespoke solution that sits at the core of your business and plugs in to all your existing software. We give you the tools you need, empowering you to plan, streamline processes, function more effectively and drive your business forward from a data-driven, analytical perspective.

With our wealth of experience in creating effective solutions, we are confident that our enterprise data management services will underpin the future success of your business. It’s crucial that you utilise your data so you can make decisions that shape your business and that’s where Xeotech can help to make a difference.

As experts in enterprise data management solutions for the finance and telecoms sectors; from consulting right through to integration, we already understand your business and how to best leverage the data you have. Contact us today for a consultation.