AWS Migration & Azure Database Migration Service

Many businesses still have applications running from physical datacenters which are costly, heavy on resources and at risk from downtime – not to mention the amount of physical space required.  Its therefore no surprise that AWS migration or migrating to Azure is becoming a high priority. Cloud migration can seem daunting and it is a huge project that needs much consideration to eliminate risk to your business.  Xeotech are cloud migration architechture experts that specialise in AWS migration and Azure database migration services.  We can fully manage your cloud migration with a seemless transistion; from strategy and consulting right through to implementation.

At Xeotech, we are all about empowering businesses to work smarter, not harder. Handling data and accessing it using your own systems can prove challenging but we can help you to streamline the way in which you work. It’s crucial that your data is used and stored in the most efficient, most secure way which is why cloud migration architecture is a core element of running a modern business. We create bespoke solutions that help your business to use, share and access data more easily, we also aim to give you the freedom to work differently. We can help you avoid the complexities of intricate and complex on-site systems by assisting you with cloud migration.

Cloud is about how you do computing, not where you do computing.

Paul Maritz

Benefits of Cloud Migration

More businesses are now moving to cloud solutions because they bring with them a wealth of benefits. Your business will have the potential to deal with an increase in traffic and you will also be able to scale server resources with ease. This level of scalability will help to ensure that you only use and pay for what you need.  Cloud migration brings with it reduced costs and it has been found that 88% of businesses can save money when they run services in the cloud. You won’t need to worry about managing hardware or paying for support and that can help to save time and money.

Your business will have the ability to collaborate on a larger scale because services and data can be accessed from anywhere. Furthermore, disaster recovery becomes a smaller problem for your business as data is constantly backed up, giving you complete peace of mind knowing that your data is always there for you. You’ll benefit from a rapid setup, better agility and decision making as well as security, giving your business and your people the power to perform better.

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Cloud Migration Handled Professionally

Storing your data on-site is still a widely used method of storing and accessing data but things are changing. This makes it especially important for you to make the switch to cloud solutions such as Azure or AWS, giving you the potential to change how you work.  We can manage your Azure data integration or support your business with AWS database migration services, with moving all of your digital assets such as your data to cloud infrastructure. When it comes to data, there is only so much you can store on-site because once you have outgrown your existing systems, you then need to invest more money on space and hardware in which to store your servers. However, cloud migration enables you to free up physical space and storage and migrate it to a secure virtual data centre. Our experts will undertake a full audit of your requirements, ensuring they select the right solution that fits your needs. This will enable you to benefit from a bespoke cloud solution that supports your business and its goals in every possible way.

Azure is recognised as one of the leading cloud solutions and with that comes a global cloud infrastructure that has 60 data centre regions in 34 countries. What this means is that users have the ability to benefit from an infrastructure that makes it possible for you to do more.  The architecture has been designed to offer enhanced security that ensures your users remain safe while using Azure, while collaboration and access become enhanced across your organisation. This enables you to become more productive while giving your employees the scope to improve efficiency and accountability. Our experts are well-versed in Azure data integration, ensuring that there’s a smooth transmission with no disruption to your business.

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Azure Virtual Data Center Architecture

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AWS Migration

We also have the expertise to undertake AWS migration, helping your business to make a seamless transition. Our ability to handle the preparation and business planning will enable us to gain an understanding of your current situation, your goals and your existing challenges. Our AWS database migration service takes a methodical approach that involves a discovery phase, planning phase and migration phase. This allows our experts to ensure that they identify the specific applications and data that you require before planning a schedule that is based around your specific requirements. They will then begin the process of migrating your systems, ensuring that all testing is completed, eventually resulting in a simple yet efficient AWS migration experience for your business.

Cloud migration gives your business the freedom to grow without being restricted resources or your budget. By migrating to AWS or Azure, your business can scale up quickly, enabling you to add or even remove resources where required. This gives you the potential to grow at speed by accessing more memory, storage all while being able to meet the ever-changing demands of your industry and your clients. Furthermore, our cloud migration solutions can help you to streamline costs and make savings, giving you the ability to focus on other areas of your business. Essentially, cloud migration will transform the way in which you operate while also providing your employees with the freedom to do things differently.

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Cloud Migration
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With almost 20 years of experience in consulting and implementation of AWS migrations and Azure migrations, we can build a bespoke road map for your business that brings innovative solutions.  Xeotech can migrrate any database, physical or virtual server, workload, application, website or storage.  In addition we can migrate entire data centers from ayour physical environment to AWS or Azure. Cloud migration architecture can be complex which is why most business outsource this to experts in order to migrate seamlessly without any downtime.  We will redesign your architechture with the ideal applications so that the integration with AWS or Azure is smooth with maximum positive business impact.