Data Consulting & Digital Transformation Consulting

At Xeotech, we understand the importance of taking a structured and methodical approach when it comes data consulting and digital transformation. As every business is unique, it’s crucial that we gain a clear understanding of your organisation; how you use, access and share data and how we can best facilitate digital transformation to align all of your business processes. Your data is crucial to keeping your business moving and that’s why it’s important to identify your specific needs through a detailed data consulting service.

Data is the new science. Big Data holds the answers.

Pat Gelsinger

Where Our Data Consulting Services Can Help

If your business is experiencing any of the problems below, our data consulting service can leverage the potential in your business so you can move forward and get ahead of your competitors:

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Gain Clear Insights and Make Informed Decisions

Data consulting requires a detailed approach that allows us to delve into the inner workings of your business processes as a way of identifying what role data plays. We consider ourselves one of the leading data management consulting firms for the telecoms and finance sector as our experts each have over 15 years’ experience specialising in these sectors.

We appreciate that while your business might require the right solution that allows you to manage data more efficiently, we also understand that you have budgets that govern the decisions you make. When our expert consultants begin working with you, they ensure they gain a clear understanding of who you are, what you want to achieve and your working budget. Only then can we begin the process of identifying the right solution for you.

We analyse your business and definite clear data governance models across people, policy, your processes and your technology. Once we have discovered how you use your data, where it comes from, who requires access and how it is stored, we can then begin the process of making our expert recommendations. We design a technical blueprint of where and how data is housed and managed. 

This begins with us formulating a strategy, where we start the process of identifying how we can streamline your processes and make it possible for you to gain an understanding of how your business is performing. Our goal is to give you back control, enabling you to access data and reports so your business can make informed decisions. This results in your business getting a medium to long term delivery roadmap which is tailored towards strategic business outcomes, investment goals and return on investment.

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Our Process for Data Consulting

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Digital Transformation Consulting

Integrating digital technology into all areas of your business has become fundamental in order to improve operations and how you can better deliver value to your customers. By aligning all your business functions (finance, sales, supply chain etc) you can improve business processes and meet changing business and market requirements. In a digital age, digital transformation is critical in staying ahead of the game.

Our Digital Transformation Consulting Process

Our digital transformation consulting process is thorough, we really take the time to see the big picture so that we can give you a robust solution.


Identify opportunities, where your business is currently under pressure, what’s holding you back and understand where you want to get to. Understanding your technology and its pitfalls, understanding your business model and strategy, understanding your business needs.


Applying cloud first principles, cost-effective, scalable solutions that improve processes that work with your existing technology. We will then create an implementation roadmap for your data in line with the project scope.

Technical Delivery

Technical roll-out of the development strategy including data architecture, any automated integrations, data quality and data warehousing.

Data Visualisation

We deliver your business intelligence solutions which include dashboards, automated reporting and predictive modelling.

Outsourcing Solutions

We provide you with an actionable roadmap with recommendations for outsourced solutions that will be best for you moving forward.

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Data Warehousing

How your data is house is critical – not only to give you insights to what is happening in your business but also to keep your data secure. Traditional data warehousing is often outdated, expensive and rigid.  We can assist with a data warehousing solution that is designed specifically for your business.  With scalable, cost-effective solutions, our data warehousing service eliminates the common problems businesses face:

To ensure your business can carry out reliable analytics on large volumes of data, data warehousing plays a pivotal role in enabling your business to access data that provides a clear overview of your business. You’ll have a better understanding through business intelligence that is driven by reliable data. Every area of your business is unique but they’ll operate in different ways which can create data complexities. However, with data warehousing, you’ll have the scope to access advanced data analytics from across your business. Your data will be logical, accessible and will provide a clear overview of your business from every perspective.

We have several aims when we work with each client. We aim to save you money, make your business more productive and provide you with the scope to scale up. Our bespoke solutions are designed around real-time data and information that is obtained by our team of data consulting experts.

All of this is driven by our ability to create an action plan that takes your system from blueprint to inception and implementation. This action plan guides us and you through the entire process, providing clear insight into how we plan to make a positive impact on the way your business operates. Furthermore, we will highlight any challenges and provide solutions, ensuring everything remains transparent. 

Our experience of working with an extensive range of finance and telecoms businesses, each with their individual needs mean that we understand what’s required to help your business benefit from our bespoke solution. We understand that a one-fit solution simply doesn’t solve your unique problems and challenges. This is the reason why we work closely with you through the consulting phase to ensure we put everything in place before taking that next step with you.

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