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At Xeotech, we like to think that we lead from the front when it comes to data governance. Our specialists develop data governance structures that are robust and protect the data that you use while also adhering to regulations.

Through our dedication to precision and identifying a bespoke solution, we will

establish and implement a data governance framework that considers your data architecture, data design, security, storage and data quality.

Our team will then use this framework to develop a data governance plan that helps to feed into the way in which data assets are collected, managed, archived and used.

A well-designed data governance program provides the right ownership and accountability model to get the rooth cause and resolution of data issues.

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Building A Data Governance Framework

We will also place a focus on defining your data governance goals and this will also include internal and data use procedures, compliance protocols, disaster recovery planning and risk mitigation. Working closely with owners and stakeholders, they will gain a clear understanding of these goals while considering the benefits and risks, all of which will enable us to create a project plan that we can then implement. Our aim is to give your business a fully implemented solution for the medium to long term, so our data governance specialists will take a proactive approach to monitoring, evaluating and updating data governance policies and procedures, ensuring they can align with the needs of your business.

We help your business traverse complex areas by helping you to harness your data in a way that ensures you are compliant. Furthermore, data governance gives you greater control over the allocation of resources, cash and cost management while also helping to create a culture that is data-led. Effectively, we help you to get the results you desire.

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Helping You Define Opportunities

Our experienced data governance team will cover two areas:

They will aim to seamlessly close the gap between data reporting and data consolidation, ensuring they work closely with decision-makers and technical stakeholders.

We then ensure that all new regulations are managed and adopted accordingly, helping you to remain compliant.

In covering these two areas, we consolidate your data, ensuring you can benefit from a data governance framework that is both compliant and sustainable. 

Benefits of
Data Governance

With the right data governance in place, businesses will benefit from understanding more about the data that they use. Therefore, the data will become more reliable and suitable for analysis. As the data will be handled and managed more effectively, data quality is improved and more consistent that enhances accuracy.

Business owners and decision-makers will also be able to make informed decisions while business planning is improved and greater clarity around financial performance is achieved.  Essentially, data governance will ensure that your company can maximise its profits.

For any business or organisation, data is very important as it can support strategies and help businesses to improve. Businesses are now using more and more data and the different formats, both structured and unstructured make it important to access the right information at the right time, ensuring the right people have access too. This will enable your business to take advantage of new opportunities. Data has both a short term and long-term impact on your business and so, it becomes an asset and that is why a data governance strategy ensures you use data more intelligently.

The Data Governance Process

Discover Processes

This considers the data lifecycle and processes that your business depends on. It will also support the organisation and technical capabilities of your business and the current state of the data. Insights gained from these steps are leveraged in order to define the governance strategy as well as policies, standards, architecture and the vision for the future.

Define Processes

This captures data definitions and business context that is linked with relationships, policies, rules, processes and standards as well as measurement strategies that have to be identified in order to define the data governance strategy.

Application of Processes

This ensures compliance with data governance policies as well as business rules and stewardship processes. It also helps to operationalise workflows and roles that have dual functions and responsibilities that are captured during both the Discover and Define stages.

Measure and Monitor processes

This looks at whether data governance has been affected and adds value. It also monitors compliance with rules and policies as well as the ability to audit data assets.

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WIthout a well thought out metadata strategy your data won’t be searchable and it will be difficult to manage meaning your employees spend lots of time doing manual work that could be automated. It’s crucial that you have the right tools that make it possible to identify data assets from across your business. This ensures that data is easy to manage and can be audited correctly to ensure you remain compliant. Through enhanced analytics and data governance, you can process data that is essential to the performance of your business. With the right metadata solutions, you can have confidence in the data you use and store, giving you the ability to make decisions using data that is transparent and true.

We take a strategic approach to our advisory service. We ensure you have a clear understanding of what you require from your data governance strategy. As specialists in data governance for financial institutions and the telecoms industries, we offer expert insights and recommendations for implementation. We will then analyse your position and help you identify where you want to be, enabling us to create an implementation plan that meets the demands of your business.

As data governance experts, we aim to deliver a framework that compliments your business goals and its structure. We adopt best practices that sit at the centre of our data governance approach and that’s why we are confident we can help your business to find greater success.

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Data Governance Consulting