Business Intelligence, Data Visualization & On Demand Reporting

At Xeotech, we believe that an organised and simplified approach to data can help your business to perform better. With our business intelligence solutions your business can benefit from easy-to-use reporting dashboards and data visualisation to get the information you need in a snapshot. Your employees will have the scope to do more, in less time, so that your business increases efficiency and frees up resources. It’s crucial that your business can instantly access the data it needs when your people need it. Data underpins the growth and success of your business which is why it’s crucial that you can access it, view it and generate on-demand reports that give you accurate insights.

Consumer data will be the biggest differentiator in the next two to three years. Whoever unlocks the reams of data and uses it strategically will win.

Angela Ahrendts

Business Intelligence Solutions

Business intelligence is the way in which your business collects, stores and analyses your data. Business intelligence includes but is not limited to; data mining, online analytical processing (OLAP) and Operational intelligence (OI).

Through effective business intelligence your business can benefit from:

Business Intelligence Strategy

Keeping your business moving is about utilising data in real-time. We recognise the importance of having analysis tools that enable you to gain a clear understanding of how all of your data works together. We can create a strategy centralised system that links to all of your systems, you will become more productive and streamlined. With simple reporting, and business intelligence dashboards you can generate accurate reports that you can submit to regulatory bodies and even stakeholders, enabling you to paint a clear picture of the position of your business. You won’t need to worry about errors or misinterpreted data because our expertise comes in designed systems that are reliable and secure.Whatsmore, we can implement the solution and provide you with all the outsourced solutions you need to maintain it in the future.

Having the ability to obtain a clear insight into your business using our system will make it possible to understand how you are performing on every level and that can shape your business from top to bottom.

Business Intelligence Reporting

Compiling data is one thing but displaying data in a way that makes it easier to understand can make a difference. At Xeotech, we have experts who don’t just build business intelligence solutions that run seamlessly in the background compiling your data. We have experts who have a clear understanding of how the system should look and what works best for you and your business. 

Having a user-friendly interface makes accessing and using data easier. Our experts will test an array of designs to determine what works best for your business. Furthermore, we can incorporate branding and create a bespoke business intelligence reporting that is unique to you and your business demands.  We give your business the tools it needs to manage and access data in an efficient and effective way. It’s the way in which we understand your specific requirements that enables us to create a system that can be deployed across your business with minimal disruption and maximum impact.

empowering solutions through

Data Visualisation & Business Intelligence Dashboards

The human brain interprets visual data 60,000 faster than text.  We build dashboards with data visualisation so your employees can get all the data they need in a snapshot. With many companies’ endless time is wasted on collating reports and cross-referencing data and with this, the risk of human error is high which leaves your business at risk from making decisions from inaccurate information.  By integrating your stems into a business intelligence dashboard, you can ensure you can trust the accuracy of your data – and the decisions you make from it.  Our developers are experts in the financial and telecom sectors and have extensive experience in building Tableau dashboards, Power BI dashboards and data visualisation using r, to name a few.  Contact us today to see how we can help your business reduce wasted time on reporting so you can make more effective business decisions from data you can trust.

On-Demand and Batch Reporting

Business intelligence is crucial to helping you make better decisions. From Powerbi to Tableau and SSRS, your business will benefit from accessing data on demand. Decisions often need to be made in an instant but ensuring you make the right decisions relies on the right data. Furthermore, you’ll be able to benefit from batch reporting that makes it possible for you to create batch reports that give you an idea of the bigger picture on a business-wide scale. With access to data when you need it, you’ll have the ability to react with efficiency, ensuring your business always stays ahead.

Dax Queries

Accessing the data you require does rely on the use of a range of programming languages that enable you to understand data from across your business. Business intelligence is enhanced through the use of Dax Query, Power Query, as well as Python and R. These languages are designed to provide you with a level of intelligence that makes it possible to query and return data based on your criteria, giving you the potential to filter and combine data from a range of data sources. This will give your business enhanced functionality and the ability to use data in a way that drives success.

SSIS, Markit EDM Informatica

Integrating systems into your business processes will enable you to do more. Using data correctly requires an element of intelligence which is why we make it possible to integrate systems such as SSIS, Markit EDM and Informatica. These systems will enable you to load data warehouses, mine data as well as acquire, validate and distribute data that is considered a single version of the truth, ensuring your business can benefit from consistency and transparency. This will enable you to benefit from better data, improved data governance and data dissemination that ensures you can present data in a format that makes decision making easier.