Unstructured Data Management Solutions

With different systems across your business, often data isn’t aligned so many insights gained from cross referencing data is lost.  By integrating data from multiple sources into one single source of data, you can gain a clearer comprehension of what is happening within your business so you can make well-informed decisions quickly.

Without big data analytics, companies are blind and deaf, wandering out onto the web like deer on a freeway.

Geoffrey Moore

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Integrating Structured and Unstructured Data

Data comes in many formats. A common problem is that some systems have structured data and others have unstructured data, making it incredibly challenging to manage. We provide unstructured data management solutions by creating a bespoke system that aligns with the needs of your business. By integrating structured and unstructured data you can obtain a clear insight into how your business operates. Having a single source of data can streamline your processes, increase efficiency and reduce time wasted on tasks that can be automated. Our unstructured data management solutions integrate all your data into one centralised system that enables you to access all of your data in one place, giving you deeper insights into the business and more accurate reporting. To reach this point, it is not just a case of building a system implementing it, our mission to ensure that it works seamlessly with all your processes, reporting needs and requirements both now and in the future.

ETL configuration is a process where data is transported from data sources that don’t provide analytics and moved into a central system that does. ETL configuration therefore effectively extracts data and transforms it into something meaningful that can assist your business into making better decisions through deep reporting abilities. There are several different ways to address ETL configuration, our team can provide consulting and support to ensure we implement an ideal solution for your business.

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Efficient Data Warehouse Solutions

We have experience in designing, developing and implementing data warehouse solutions that enable you to begin integrating data from multiple sources. To achieve this, we build systems that are flexible, scalable and robust, ensuring they deliver a high level of reliability that you have confidence in. Our expert team will thoroughly test every element of your system to ensure that everything works as expected. This also means that we look at how it impacts other systems, ensuring there are no conflicts or errors. What this means is that you receive a full functioning system integrating structured and unstructured data, that gives you greater control over how you use, store and manage your data.  All of our data warehouse solutions are built and tailored to your individual requirements.

The Benefits of Integrating Data from Multiple Sources

Specialist Expertise in the
the Finance and Telecoms Sectors

Our system integration experts are on hand to explain your system, answer queries and ensure that you are completely up to speed with how it will support your business. Our goal is to offer a complete end to end service that gives you a single source of data. When you choose Xeotech, you’ll benefit from our expertise and experience as we are specialists in the finance and telecoms sectors. We will design your business a system that gives you fast and accurate information with dashboards and reporting that support your needs. We believe that integrating data from multiple sources requires a deep understanding and an attention in to the way in which your business operates. As Xeotech specialise in the financial and telecoms sectors we know the best ways to make use of your data, what you need and how to ensure we can provide a future proof solution.